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Happy careersites is developed based on 12 years of experience within recruitment, IT and digital marketing. We help companies to succeed with their digital recruitment by delivering high quality job applications and increase hires. We believe in the right content, to the right candidate at the right moment.

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How it works

Activate careersites

Don't waiste time on garbage traffic with low quality applications. Advertise jobs only to niche careersites which are related to your jobs.


Post jobs

Post all jobs from a single account and we will take care of the distribution. If you have many jobs, we can automatically import jobs and update them on a daily basis.


Receive applications

You can manage all your applications from your account with your team in an easy way. If you prefer you can also receive applications on your own careersite or ATS.


Niche recruitment

Our digital recruitment strategy is based on delivering the right content to the right candidate. We know exactly how to engage with candidates from different branches, functions, generations or languages. We are running hundreds of high quality jobsites. Every careersite is focused on a different audience and have his own tone of voice. Our careersites function as a hub for targeting candidates.


Applicant management

We are not a full blown applicant tracking system but we are pretty good in organizing applications. Track different stages into the hiring process, share notes and candidate feedback with colleagues and automatically notify the candidate during the process.




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Data driven recruitment

Our business is about data. Data is our passion! We love to analyse unstructured data to get meaningfull insights. Every step we take and every decision we make is based on data. Save money by advertising with us because we do the toff parts for you in the background. Sit back and relax and let us run, optimize and tweak digital recruitment campaigns. Don't waiste recruitment budget on trial and error.


Job distribution

We make your life easier. Post your job one time and we share and update it accross our careersites. Because we build the full recruitment platform from scratch by ourself, we own the full process. You don't have to manage different contracts or experience wrong job mappings. Just one company and one contract to access hundres of high quality jobsites.


Worldwide recruitment

The world is our playground. This is also with digital recruitment. If you can not find candidates locally we will find them globally. We believe in a world where gigs become mainstream, where team works remotely and the need for specilized skills for temporary projects or upscalling workforces are delivered by freelancers. The office will be the inspiration hub and collaboration take place anywhere. We help companies to embrace this new digital world.